About Us

Avangard Logistik Group is an entrepreneurial company focused on export merchandise of Ukrainian whole grains, oil seeds, oils, food products and feed ingredients. We position ourselves to provide value through quality, strategic assets and investments. Avangard Logistik Group is growing into one of independently owned physical trading companies as a result of our experience, relationships and service.

We constantly strive to lower costs and build operational efficiency for a variety of customers. Avangard Logistik Group extensive networks and relationships with both buyers and sellers, and the market insights they provide, allow us to bring value to our customers at every step in the process.

Every day, Avangard Logistik Group puts our merchandising expertise to work for our customers physically purchasing, transporting and delivering grain and oil seeds internationally. We offer reliable logistics coordination, quality control and commodity price risk management through all physical and financial tools available in the market.